With 700M emails analyzed, WriteThat.Name exposes the “Anatomy of an Email Signature”

With 700M emails analyzed, WriteThat.Name exposes the “Anatomy of an Email Signature”
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WriteThatName has released an infographic based on the half a billion emails they have analyzed with their smart contact organizer in the two years since they’ve launched. The infographic examines the “Anatomy of an Email Signature,” including the most common details included in an Email Signature and the best practices for labelling an email signature as such.

For those unfamiliar, WriteThat.Name is the service that keeps my (and anyone else’s) contact list up to date based solely on the people I interact with by email. It has filled my Gmail Contacts with the contact information (i.e: the information found in the email signature) of anyone who has interacted with my personal or professional email addresses, all in one address book. I bet you don’t know a lot of people with 1000+ contacts in their address book, with name, job title, company, alternative emails, phone numbers, and much more included inside?

When I first started using the service, I also grabbed their Flashback package, which scanned the last year’s emails and pulled out contacts into my address book. The company’s biggest problem today is that they are so useful and so quiet, that you would forget they even existed, if it weren’t for their email reminders about new contacts added to your address book (so you can validate or delete).

One of the more interesting pieces of information in the infographic involves the lack of integration of social networks into email signatures: only 7% of email signatures contained a link to the emailer’s Twitter account, and only 3% of signatures include a Facebook account.