Streaming continues to surpass downloads in France

Streaming continues to surpass downloads in France


Hadopi and Opinion Way have just released an extensive study on how French internet users access content online.  The study confirms what has been a rapidly growing trend since the introduction of the Hadopi law in 2009, namely that streaming is the dominant way the French access video and music online. Some 84% of French internet users access this content via streaming whereas just under 50% still download. Music streaming appears to be the most popular at 66% with streaming of TV series the second most popular at 46%.

The study alludes to the fact that Hadopi does seem to be curbing illegal downloads, but it clearly hasn’t done much to slowdown access of content via illegal streaming services. Although 46% state that they stream films legally and 57% TV series, this is highly unlikely given the lack of legal streaming of this type of content in France. Though not probed in the study, the big lag in the airing of TV series and often films between different markets is likely a big reason that streaming has become so popular for this type of content.  Music fares a lot better in this regard, with 92% stating they stream music legally. This is a lot more believable given that most music streaming is via sites such as YouTube (54%) and Deezer (23%).

Of course the study is quite extensive, with lots of interesting info on the subject, including insights on user behaviors around video games and books as well. You can check out the full study here (in French).