Giftiz creators Purple Brain tackle the Android game monetization and ad challenge with AdBuddiz

Giftiz creators Purple Brain tackle the Android game monetization and ad challenge with AdBuddiz

AdBuddiz   Full screen ads for your mobile apps

Last fall, we covered the launch of Giftiz which could be best described as a game discovery / incentivization app that helps game developers and publishers attract and retain gamers. With 400k downloads thus far, various high-profile game clients and a swathe of positive reviews, Gifitz has definitely be a solid first success for its creators Purple Brain. Seeing the need to expand to a range of services that can help game developers and publishers attract, retain, and better monetize gamers, they made the leap into improving the effectiveness of Android game advertising with their new solution AdBuddiz, which was launched earlier this year.  AdBuddiz is essentially a premium full screen ad solution specifically dedicated to android game developers. One of the key benefits that they stress sets them apart from other ad solutions is their laser focus on Google Play, which enables them to generate the highest CPM on the market for its partners (up to $10).

AdBuddiz has been off to a great start in recent months, with 200 partners on-board, including one of the hottest and fastest growing publishers at the moment, Game Insight and social-game success story Playtika, I recently caught up with Ferrebeuf to get more insight and background on AdBuddiz as well as get an update on how things have been gong with Giftiz since its succesful launch last year:


Tell me about AdBuddiz? Who is it targeted towards and what value are you trying to deliver?

AdBuddiz is an ad solution, so not an app. The AdBuddiz network has generated more than 150 million impression for its advertisers since its launch.

On one side, AdBuddiz is helping android developers to maximize the monetization of their traffic on Google Play with very clean full screen ads.
These developers can register directly on our portal (, download the SDK and get started in 10 minutes. On the other side, AdBuddiz negotiates the best campaigns with advertisers that are looking to buy traffic for their android apps. So the target would be both indie developers (on the publisher side) and big mobile game studios / social networks / service providers (on the advertiser side).

Game developers who integrate AdBuddiz can also get special promotion for their games on Giftiz.

Any figures where most of your users are coming from?  Europe? US?  Any info on what the split is?

Most of the advertisers using our solution are based in the US, Japan and Russia. However, AdBuddiz is a worldwide solution and, as such, advertisers working with us are looking to acquire worldwide. As for where our traffic is coming from, 40 % is coming from western Europe, 40 % from the US, and the remaining 20% from rest-of-world.

What about Giftiz. What new features have been added to Giftiz specifically since you launched?

Since we launched Giftiz,we worked a lot on recruiting new partner games. In the first weeks after the release, we were launching a new partner game every week. We’re now launching one almost every day. In terms of the app itself, most of the work on the tech side is actually not visible in the app. But we’ve done things such as, making it easier for partners to join our network by developing for instance a server to server tracking solution. We also worked on the server-side to support the scaling of the data, on the back office to speed up gift delivery times and on customer support.

How has user engagement been with Giftiz?  Do you find it surpasses what is normally seen with other game monetization apps / services?

adbuddizWe see that our users on Giftiz are coming back every day to play new games and achieve new missions.  Our users really appreciate the game selection that we are making on Giftiz which is quite encouraging. Their feedback is also great : our app is really well rated (4.6 / 5). I’d say though that although our user engagement is quite good compared to other apps, we can always do better. New features are coming soon and our big goal is obviously to continue to increase our retention numbers.