French court sentences 15 day ban from Internet in piracy suit

French court sentences 15 day ban from Internet in piracy suit

monopoly-go-to-jail-cardA French court in the suburbs of Paris laid down a ruling this week in piracy case, fining the individual 600 euros, as well as blocking their access to the internet for 15 days. The defendant will supposedly still have access to telephone, private messaging and email, as well as TV & telephone; however, it has been pointed out already that French ISPs do not have the ability to enable this level of filtered internet access, underlining the absurdity of the sentencing

The defendant, who has 10 days to appeal from the day of the ruling, may be one of the first and potentially the only French citizen to receive such a ruling, as the very group that seeks digital pirates is on the block. Hadopi, known as the “three strikes” anti-piracy group, will likely be rolled into the CSA, a French copyright authority, and will likely see the punishment for piracy drop drastically, with the anticipated elimination of the ‘internet ban’ penalty.

PCInpact, who originally reported the ruling, also noted in a previous article[fr] that, according to the law surrounding suspension of internet access, it is up to the judge to tell the ISP how exactly they are to suspend internet use, and the ISP’s responsibility is to “put it in place.”

I swear, sometimes it feels like we’re talking about “a series of tubes” in France.