Twilio’s head of European Marketing Ben Nunney discusses the French Tech Market

Twilio’s head of European Marketing Ben Nunney discusses the French Tech Market


As we announced last month, Twilio, many startups’ go to cloud communications partner, will be making it’s big debut on the Paris tech scene next week with two great events –  the Rude Baguette & Twilio Apero on the 11th and the Intro to Twilio Workshop on the 12th.

I caught up with Twilio’s Head of European Marketing, Ben Nunney in advance of next week to get more of the scoop on what the big plan is for next week as well as what the want to acheive in France in general:

What do you have planned for the Paris workshop next week?  What are you hoping participants will take away from it?

The workshop will serve as an introduction to Twilio – what we do, what we stand for, and how to build awesome things using our API. Attendees will get a feel for how to build Twilio into their existing applications (or build new ones on top of our API), how the company works, how we partner with our customers, and hear from existing customers as part of a panel discussion.

I know Twilio is very active in terms of developer evangelism globally and, particularly, in Europe.  What are some of the things you offer development community? 

We love developers. They are our life blood, and we do all we can to help and empower them to do amazing things. We support events and hackathons, have evangelists that can offer support and guidance, and even invest in smaller startups that are building on our platform by way of our TwilioFund initiative.

What about France?  What types of things (local events, etc) would you like to do here in the future?

This is our first time in France – and we’re dedicating more time to this trip than we have for other European trips we’ve done so far. We see awesome things come from French developer, and we’re keen to start supporting the local community in any way we can as we expand across Europe. Got ideas? Let us know!Given the great response to both the apero and workshop, with both basically sold out last week, some additional spots have been opened up for both events.  So if you want to attend, sign-up quickly for the Apero and/or Workshop below .
Event details
Timing:  June 11, 2013  18h – 21h
Location:  50 Partners, 62 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau  75001
Timing:  June 12, 2013  9h30 – 16h
Location:  120 Rue Lafayette  75010