With 250K+ downloads & 110K publishers, Tactilize releases v3 with eyes on the publishing industry

With 250K+ downloads & 110K publishers, Tactilize releases v3 with eyes on the publishing industry


Tactilize has released the v3.0 of its tap publishing iPad app , which provides an instant on-the-go multimedia storytelling solution. The mobile-first publishing solution announced as well that it has racked up 250K+ downloads, with 110K+ active users. The publishing app connects to almost any service you might want to important from – Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, Vimeo, Box – making it easy for anyone to create iPad-ready content in seconds.

The v3.0 of the app sees a few new features introduced: user profile pages, social features like following, as well as implementation of its previously web-only “grid” interface; however, while the 3.0 marks a steady flow of innovation for the company, it seems that Tactilize is just getting ready for what’s to come in the next few months.

CEO Nicolas Voisin told the Rude Baguette that the company plans to release “Collections” in the next month – the ability to add cards together in to a sequential list, and then ability to subsequently distribute those to other iPad users. Like Mailchimp on Mobile or Amazon’s Kindle, Tactilize plans to take its cards and turn them into a one-top way to create your real own magazine.

While Flipboard recently released its much raved about ability to create your own magazine, they look a lot more like a Scoop.It for mobile when you compare this to the potential that Tactilize offers. Tactilize has already invested into its publishing platform; with 20% of creators located in 155 countries, they’ve clearly got something that works on a global level. Now that they’ve gotten the publishing part solid, the applications of their Collections seems endless.

Voisin alluded to the educational professionals like professors who are using cards today to create engaging learning materials for students, who have been getting tablets at an alarming rate in primary and secondary school.  With Collections, we could easily imagine a professor who creates his own textbook, either as a curation of several difference sources, such as fellow professors who have created Cards that work effectively to express a point, or as a result of his own experiences and preferences with regards to a subject.

As a content creator, I can appreciate the value of being able to target a tablet-friendly audience – currently ‘mobile & tablet’ is about 20% of Rude Baguette’s traffic, and I’m sure they’d all appreciate a tablet-friendly version of our content.

One thing is sure: for industries like publishing that are in flux, everything is up in the air, and while it may seem like giants like Amazon are coming in to replace the old industry, I wouldn’t undercut players like Tactilize that are looking to enable non-publishers to Publish. Amazon’s ebook platform may have encourages independent authors to publish, but Tactilize might just enable consumers, curators, and professionals to create content just for them, and just for their audience.

You can download Tactilize for iPad here.