The secret to Infogram’s success in the The Next Web Startup Rally? 700,000 users.

The secret to Infogram’s success in the The Next Web Startup Rally? 700,000 users.


The winner of last week’s  Startup Rally at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, Latvian startup Infogram is perhaps one of the most well-known seed startups, having previously been through the HackFWD program. The infographic creation service, which launched in February 2012, has already helped users produce more than 700,000 infographics, and is now adding 100,000 users each month – among those users, 300,000+ bloggers, journalists, teachers, and other online data publishers. Originally, I thought this service was simply riding the rising trend of Infographics, but with no end in sight to the data visualization method that has seduced marketers and bloggers alike, Infogram may have been on to something.

The secret to Infogram’s success last week may have lied in the suite of new features it announced during the competition. Features like downloading infographics and creating private infographics (via a paid account) have been implemented to facilitate the needs of users. The startup also recently redid its mascot – seen above – which now resembles someting out of a Ren & Stimpy cartoon.

The service itself is quite simple to use – a stripped down excel-like data interface allows you to easily manage your data, while the services suite of templates and visualization designs let you format the data as you like. Infogram said that 300,000+ of its users are bloggers, marketers, and teaching professionals, and that these core audiences will shape the product’s future developments.