Lengow announces new solutions for Ecommerce vendors at their first ‘Lengow Ecommerce Day’

Lengow announces new solutions for Ecommerce vendors at their first ‘Lengow Ecommerce Day’

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Last week, Lengow hosted their very first Ecommerce Day conference in Paris which proved to be a solid success for its first version, drawing over 250 participants. In addition to offering participants the opportunity to meet with experts from the sector and learn more about the emerging trends in Ecommerce, Lengow also leveraged the event to launch several innovative new solutions for Ecommerce vendors.

The first and biggest was the launch of a new web-marketing tracking tool, which allows customers to analyze all aspects of their web-marketing campaigns. What differentiates this solution from others is that it enables vendors to analyze all data from web-marketing campaigns online, rather than just information related to items they sell and carry in their product catalog. So in essence, Lengow’s solution can now collect, centralize and synthesize information coming from any marketing channel the vendor chooses. The new solution also allows customers to optimize and analyze in real-time all aspects of their web-marketing campaigns, including sales, clicks, distribution costs, profitability by action, etc.

The next is a solution called Price Watch which, although released a couple of months ago and already used by several Ecommerce vendors across Europe, is now free for all Lengow customers. What this tool allows vendors to do is monitor and analyze competitor products and pricing as well as pilot-test pricing vis-a-vis the market.

Finally, with the emergence of marketplaces, Ecommerce vendors now have access to a channel which, while powerful, can also be difficult for vendors to navigate and figure out how to best leverage to grow their businesses. Lengow has released a comprehensive whitepaper on both French and international market places that addresses this challenge. If this is of interest to you, make sure to sign-up here to get your free copy.