How European Developers and Engineers can get access to the Stanford Knowledge Pool & Why you should

How European Developers and Engineers can get access to the Stanford Knowledge Pool & Why you should

Stanford Ignite Paris

These days, there’s no better profession to have than that of a developer – hell, I’m still kicking myself in the butt for dropping my Minor in Computer Science in favor of a Pure Mathematics degree; however, it isn’t enough just to be a developer. There are still plenty of dead-end IT engineer jobs out there that are being filled by your average Joe with an IT background. The developers and engineers that have risen to the top, that have started their own companies or played major roles in the creation of innovative products, can very often be traced back to one prominent knowledge base in the Silicon Valley – Stanford.

We wrote a while ago about the surprising number of French tech entrepreneurs who have spent at least a year studying at Stanford, and there’s no doubt that it can turn an ordinary developer into an extraordinary technical entrepreneur.

While attending Stanford is a great opportunity, it can also be a costly one, especially for developers and engineers who have already finished their studies and are working. Luckily, Stanford has begun taking its knowledge pool abroad, and Paris is being used as a hub to gather European developers, IT professionals and technical grad students for its Stanford Ignite – Polytechnique program.

Partnering with one of France’s most prestigious universities, Ecole Polytechnique, Stanford Ignite – Polytechnique is a part-time program running over 5 weekends, meant for participants with a strong scientific and/or technical background, taught by the very same faculty that teaches Stanford’s MBA Program. Drawing on years of experience of molding scientific minds into venture-oriented ones, Stanford Ignite teaches essential business basics, including how to think like an entrepreneur & how to develop a business plan, guiding participants along through their team projects.

The program will also be drawing on Polytechnique’s network of alumni, bringing in leading European executives, legal experts, and venture investors to provide feedback during the program.

Stanford has been turning engineers into entrepreneurs for years, and now that secret sauce is being made available to developers, IT professionals, and technical grad students across Europe.

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