Berlin Web Week’s star event Heureka 2013 focuses on the ‘elements of a startup’ on May 14th

Berlin Web Week’s star event Heureka 2013 focuses on the ‘elements of a startup’ on May 14th


This year Berlin’s tech showcase week, Berlin Web Week, is set to kick-off on May 13th and once again, the Heureka networking conference, set for May 14th, will be a big highlight of the week.  This year’s edition of Heureka will welcome over 500 entrepreneurs, startups, investors and others interested in the tech scene to hear from several of the industry’s leading minds on all things relating to this year’s principal theme ‘elements of a startup’.

As the organizers put it…“Every sustainable and profitable start-up is based on fundamental elements, which can mean the success or failure of an idea or an existing business.” As such, the elements that will be at the heart of the content and structure at this year’s conference are business model, capital, talent, sales & marketing, and product. There will be a series of hands-on workshops, known as H_Labs, addressing each of these elements head-on. These offer a great opportunity to get a one-day, rapid fire master class experience, so lots of value there, particularly for founder / startup management teams. Of course, the speakers list is top-notch with several big players from Germany’s tech scene and beyond including Fabien Heilemann, founder of DailyDeal, Stephan Schambach, founder of Demandware, Caroline Druker, country manager at Etsy, and VC and private equity veteran Nenad Marovac. You can take a look at the full program here. Lastly, all of these elements will converge as a part of the Speed Pitch competition. All interested in participating can apply here.

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One other element that makes this conference special is that they’ve forgone the normal conference party and will host a big barbecue instead. So another great reason to attend!  They’ve also given Rude Baguette readers a really good rate on tickets at just 154€ incl VAT (equivalent to the startup rate). So if you’d like to attend, register here using the code TRB_HRK. There’s only a limited number available so act fast!