WriteThatName now updates your Outlook address book so you don’t have to.

Digital sovereignty

Writethat.name logoWriteThatName announced today that their automatic contact-updating service is now available on Outlook for enterprise and individual users. Launched in June 2011, WriteThatName has been quietly keeping my contacts up to date for years, and they’ve scanned more than 600 Million emails since then. Outlook is just the latest of address books and CRMs that WriteThatName integrates with: it works on Gmail/GoogleApps, IBM Lotus Notes & Microsoft Outlook, and is compatible with all major CRMs (SalesForce, Highrise …).

With a 30 day free trial and just $4/month, WriteThatName is a great way for enterprises, startups and individuals to keep up to date with their contacts as they change emails, address, phone numbers, etc. Users can connect multiple email addresses and feed into one common address book – useful for those of us with 4 or 5 gmail accounts for various pruposes – and it allows for customization and ‘blacklisting,’ which blocks certain contacts from being updated.

Founder Philippe Laval has been very active in the startup scene, mentoring at Seedcamp events and sharing his experience as one of France’s rare serial entrepreneurs.