UXD4Startups announces 1st UX-dedicated event in Paris Jan. 15th

UXD4Startups announces 1st UX-dedicated event in Paris Jan. 15th

UXD4StartupsJanuary 15th, the shared office space LeChaudron will be host to one of Paris’ first English-lange UX-oriented events – UXD4Startups. Organized by notable Paris UX Designer Olivier Desmoulin, Skimm UX/Product Designer Amine Bellakrid, & Skimm Visual Designer Christine Tong, the evening event will welcome 3 notable UX speakers.

Sponsored by Fabernovel, dotCloud, and Stupeflix, the event is 10€ for students, 15€ general admission. Speakers will include Lee Gentry, current UX Director at DocTrackr, a former UX expert at TechStars Boston, and worked a SCVNGR and Gemvara before that. “He’ll be talking about how to help users make the right decisions.” In addition, Pierre Valade, former Foursquare UX Designer and current co-founder of Sunrise.im & Voxe.org, will speak about Mobile Design. Patrick Permlutter, former LeCamping 2nd season EIR and current CMO of Infinit, will talk about going from technology to product.

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