Syntec Numerique launches campaign to attract French youth to tech careers


Syntec Numerique, France’s largest professional organization representing the tech sector, will launch on January 17th a wide-reaching campaign to attract French youth to tech careers. The primary target of the campaign will be 15-18 year-olds and will center around a 6 video web-series on You Tube called “Les S’Nums”, a prehistoric group evolving in a world mixing the stone age and modern technology. Sounds like a bit of an odd concept, but if it’s promoted properly, is sure to get noticed. Although a bit cheeky, the ad agency that developed the web-series has stressed that the videos are focused on concrete subjects relevant to working in tech such as “salary, the notion of community, the new types of jobs that have evolved out of the IT revolution, working abroad, and digital creation/innovation”.

In addition to the web-series, Syntec Numerique will also launch in April a mini-site on Facebook. The goal for the site is to be interactive and provide a space where youth can create and post their own content around the S’Nums concept. They will also offer a quiz whereby users can test their knowledge about tech careers and learn more via a redirect to Passinformatique, their general tech career site.

For Syntec Numerique this campaign is a matter of urgency. Although 35k tech jobs are recruited each year, very few of these post are filled by new graduates/young people. Not to mention all the tech jobs that are going unfilled in France and elsewhere.  As France expects the tech sector to continue to be one of the fastest growing sectors, particularly in terms of job creation, and older employees begin to leave the workforce, it is imperative that there’s enough tech talent to fill these roles, It’s a good thing that someone’s taking the initiative to increase awareness among France’s youth early on about the great opportunities a career in tech can offer.


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  1. Carole

    >> Although 35k tech jobs are recruited each year, very few of these post are filled by new graduates/young people.

    This is actually quite the opposite. IT graduates are very actively seeked by employers and even often hired before they leave school because they are cheap resources. Olders software engineers are usually forced out of the IT sector as they get older, usually starting around 35. It is very uncommon to find anyone older than 40 year-old in a software position in France.

    As to the tech jobs that are going unfilled, this is the subject of a huge debate that has been going on for years: most of the jobs are only available through software houses that lease engineers on a per-day basis. When a job becomes available, it is simultaneously published by 10 or more software houses, hence giving the wrong impression that there are more jobs than actually available. Syntec denies it but even government organisations assert that what one should be very cautious with regards to this so-called huge reservoir of unfilled tech jobs.

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