In the end, Free has opt-in (Google) ad blocker on FreeBox & Mobile

In the end, Free has opt-in (Google) ad blocker on FreeBox & Mobile

freeboxAfter what can be described as the world’s worst publicity move followed by an even worse reaction from the government, Free has relaunched their ad “filter,” allowing all mobile and fixed internet subscribers to opt-in to the ad blocker. Originally opt-out, the ad blocker launched weeks ago, much to the discontent of Net Neutrality advocates, Google, and, allegedly, Fleur Pellerin. Somehow, the compromise that was made was to make the ad blocker Opt-in, though I’m not sure most people are unaware of just exactly the ad ‘filter’ is filtering, and why it’s being done.

When pressed with the issue, the government quickly responded – they always ‘respond’ – but in the end, there’s no concrete action taken to enforce net neutrality, which, in France, unfortunately is equivalent to supporting TelCo’s, who continue to encroach on their user’s web liberties.

In the end, I’m no fan of any company that takes its customers hostage in a war with another company. I don’t use any services by Free, mostly because, when it comes to my phone, my connection to the internet, and, well, the thing I use most in the day, I prefer to pay a premium to know that it will work, and when it doesn’t, there will be someone I can call and yell at who will apologize for something they can’t control.

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