Here are the Top 5 most sought after Tech Freelancers in Europe


Berlin-based, freelance platform and cloud working expert Twago has a unique insight into which careers are hot at the moment Europe.  Having grown by 40% in 2012 and now boasting of 180 000 freelancers offer their services on their platform, they now have the scale to be able to offer a view on how the job market is trending across Europe.  In what seems like a perpetual down-economy in Europe, it’s extremely useful to know if one is starting in their career or looking to make a big career change, which career areas look to be the most promising.

Twago has just released a ranking of the most sought after professional profiles on their platform and their growth over the last year, which are:

  1. Search Engine Advertising + 141%
  2. App Developers + 99%
  3. Social Commerce Managers + 98%
  4. SEO Experts + 86%
  5. Social media experts + 59%

Twago found that professionals with digital marketing skills are clearly increasingly the most sought after profiles for companies seeking to fill temporary roles or staff short-term assignments. They also credit the explosion in tablets and other mobile devices as a huge driver of growth in freelance service demand, particularly for qualified app developers.  Experts in Facebook marketing also are rising fast and will likely appear separately in the rankings in the next go-around.

In countries like Italy, Portugal, Spain and, increasingly, France, where ongoing austerity measures and a tough business climate are having a devastating impact on permanent employment, it’s really encouraging to see Twago growing in these markets. Perhaps a permanent job would be the ideal for many people, but in the absence of that, it’s a good thing to see professionals finding some level of work via a platform as Twago. Now job seekers also have a little bit more insight on which skills are in the highest demand.