Fast food employee in France fired after 240 Tweets about his job


35182-nico_anelka_pour_quickFrench fast food chain Quick announced at the end of last week that it would be pursuing action against the Twitter account @EquipierQuick, which, during the month of November, tweeted 240 times about the daily life working at the French fast food chain. In their press release, Quick says simultaneously that “they welcome all criticism that encourages improvement” and that they systematically proved that all of that tweets about Quick to be false – interesting.

The twitter account, now private, though not necessarily deactivated, offered such insights as “The sauce was left out of the fridge all night. Was told to prep it for the lunch rush. Weird,” and other tails, which included managerial abuse and employee frustration. This is not the first time an employee has been fired for things they’ve said on social networks. Microsoft employee Joe Martini learned the hard way that you just don’t tweet about unreleased products, and Facebook has cost many people their jobs, or job opportunities.