Berliners! Join us Jan. 23rd for an Intro to the Paris Startup Scene

Berliners! Join us Jan. 23rd for an Intro to the Paris Startup Scene

Intro to the Paris Startup SceneI’m very excited to announce that Rude Baguette will be giving its second General Assembly class later this month in Berlin, entitled “pétit dejeuner with the Rude Baguette.” Similar to the course I gave in London at the end of last year, I will giving an intro course to the Paris Startup Scene – everything from startups to VCs, events to blogs, movers and shakers and everything in between.

When I do this course, I tend to focus on the “why you should give a shit about Paris” angle, because I believe that the best European startups will be the ones that know-how to harness the advantages of each European country, much like we see multinationals doing today (HQ in Ireland, R&D in France, etc.). I talk about a lot of the tax credits towards research, reductions in labor taxes for startups, and debunk a few employment myths – I also am very honest about the elephants in the room.

The other aspect I like to focus on is “why should I start my company in Paris?” aspect – while I don’t necessary believe that you should relocate to build a company, each city has its own cultural advantages – if you’re planning on selling to (luxury) brands, Paris isn’t a bad place to put down roots. There are also some cities where building a company is just not possible (or wise), and so having the network, infrastructure, and reputation of the world’s most visited city isn’t too bad, either.

I don’t pretend Paris is the best city (#11, bitches), but it is definitely worth the time to know what’s around you – after all, that’s why I’m going to Berlin.

If you’ll be in Berlin, feel free to reach out to me on twitter %CODE1%, otherwise please Sign up for the event & %CODE2% the event.