UniShared to enter Imagine K12 Program, a SV EduTech accelerator

UniShared to enter Imagine K12 Program, a SV EduTech accelerator

Unishared LogoIt’s no secret that the educational system in France is overdue for an overhaul, which explains why so many young entrepreneurs are looking to change the way we learn; one of those EduTech startups in France is UniShared, and they have been accepted into the SIlicon Valley’s most prestigious education-oriented tech accelerator, Imagine K12
Unishared started with a simple concept: why is everyone in class copying the same notes? By creating a collaborative note-taking platform, Unishared allows students to work together to get the best notes. Unishared co-founder Clément Delangue was previously offered a job at Google, and when he turned it down to pursue Unishared, he was invited to Google I/O. The service is currently being used by 3,000 students at 500 different universities, including ESCP Europe, where Clement received a Masters in management in 2011, as well as in Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, HEC and more.. He has previously worked in several French startups, including Moodstocks & MakeSense, and also worked at eBay for some time doing business development.
The accelerator has already taken 19 companies through their program, 13 of which raised a combined total of over $10 Million. The program runs for 3 1/2 months, and brings ten companies to Palo Alto, California. K12 Imagine invests between $14-$20K into the company in exchange for ~6%. The program provides office space, weekly office hours with Tim Brady, first employee at Yahoo, Alan Louie, former director at Google.org and Geoff Ralston, partner at Y Combinator, former CEO of Lala Media (purchased by Apple). Their demo day, called Educator Day, brings educators together to meet the teams who give a short presentation and demo of their product.

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