Sculpteo raises €2 Million from Xange for 3D Printing

Sculpteo raises €2 Million from Xange for 3D Printing

sculpteo logoEarlier this week Sculpteo announced a new round of funding of $2.5 Million from Xange Private Equity and business angels, in order to develop their 3D printing cloud solutions that let customers and businesses manufacture products from their 3D files. The startup recently appeared in headlines after the Minister of the Digital Economy Fleur Pellerin congratulated in a press release the “two French startups who won innovation awards at CES,” referring to Netamo & Sculpteo.

Sculpteo has put a real emphasize on their design-to-order iPhone cases, producing some of the most interestingly unique iPhone cases I’ve ever seen with their 3D printing service. One of my favorite aspects of Sculpteo is their marketplace, where designers can upload their 3D models + files and allow other visitors to buy them – they’ve got everything from indoor architecture to beautiful design, and I found myself browsing for about 10 minutes through the interesting 3D creations.

Users can easily order a ‘sample kit’ in order to see the quality, colors, and detailed cuts that Sculpteo can provide, for just $5. I think a service like this definitely has potential – there’s no doubt that 3D printing will have some real-life implications, and it’s just a matter of who can fit this revolutionary product to the market.

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  1. dan

    Have you looked at the prices that some people have set for their Sculpteo items ? Talk about a disconnect with fair market value – yikes !

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