SalesClic provides analysis & forecasting to your sales funnel

SalesClic provides analysis & forecasting to your sales funnel

Behind every great salesman these days is a fantastic piece of software guiding, reminding, organizing, and, yes, analyzing. Nimble Apps, the creator of SalesClic, annoucned today that they will bring their sales analytics application to more SMEs in the Benelux market through a distribution partnership with EuroSys-IT Solutions, an IT solutions provider in Benelux.
I was first introduced to Nimble Apps by an Enterprise Ireland(EI) representative. For those unaware, Enterprise Ireland is like OSEO + Ubifrance, and they’re doing a great job. Nimble Apps director Thomas Oriol told me that he spent 3 years looking from a UX designer in Paris, only to give up after a few candidates displayed an inability to think creatively and within constraints of improving conversion rates within a website. This is a criticism I’ve had of French websites since arriving, that there seems to be such a minimal concern for design, and when there is, it’s purely aesthetic, and not functional at all. Scaling up a startup is all about establishing credibility and traffic, and then improving traction by identifying key metrics and tweaking the UX in order to increase percentage points on retention & engagement. If you’re converting 1% of site visitors to paying customers, then a 1% augmentation in conversion is a 100% increase in revenue.

Building sales through qualified lead generation

Now headquartered in Ireland – courtesy of EI and the Ireland Development Agency(IDA) – Nimble has been growing rapidly, and even used Irish company Maven TM to outsource their sales leads. Oriol said that, as a company working on a sales analytics apps, they were very particular about getting value out of qualified lead generation, and Maven definitely met those high expectations. Because Dublin is home to so many European HQs who operate their customer service & sales in all major European markets from Dublin, Maven is able to hire internationally from within Dublin, meaning that they can offer lead generation & B2B telemarketing across 11 languages, and can cover the US & European market.
Nimble Apps have had steady growth since they launched in 2008, and SalesClic, their sales pipeline visualization, analysis and forecasting solution for B2B companies, seems to be pleasing quite a few people, probably because it integrates with Google Apps, High Rise and Salesforce, the leading Sales management apps.
Salesclic is a premium app, which means that while there is no free version, it is available on the Salesforce AppExchange for as little as 15€/user/month.