Teleportd raises $1M with Nitrogram – Instagram Analytics


Nitrogram IconI don’t like to toot my own horn, but I told you so. Teleportd are announcing today that they have raised $1 million from Connect Ventures, Betaworks (Bitly, SocialFlow, Chartbeat), as well as CEO Joe Cohen & CEO Taavet Hinrikus. Teleportd is a Seedcamp graduate, and while the company is technically a UK company, the team is based in Paris.
I’ve been watching Teleportd for a little over a year – I still remember meeting co-founders Gabriel Hubert & Stanislas Polu over dinner and wondering where Gabriel was from, as he bounced in between a British and American accent. The two Stanford alumni have been working on Teleportd for quite sometime, and while I’ve been using their technology primarily to create awesome photo collages that you may have seen in our various event articles, they also launched Nitrogram in October.

Nitrogram – How big is your brand’s reach?

Teleportd launched Nitrogram in October in order to provide brands with visibility into social photos, namely how people are interacting with a brand on Instagram. In addition to providing very deep-level analytics, Nitrogram, which starts at just $10/month, provides similar Capusle-like tools: a search-enginge to search, select, and auto-update an album of user-generated photos. The service is currently being uses by large online retailers, international sportswear brands, and, according to the team, over half the of the top 10 brands on Instragram signed up already.

Perrier vs. San Pellegrino vs. Badoit – Nitrogram to the test

Nitrogram’s blog regularly pits brands against each other using their algorithm for determining engagement in a Showdown. For example, they compare mineral water brands Perrier, Badoit & San Pellegrino in terms of social engagement on Instagram. They noted that only 30 photos were posted last month tagged #badoit, while #perrier saw 1311 & #sanpellegrino saw 1262 ( +25 if you count the misspelled #sanpelegrino tags). In addition, Nitrogram shows that those 1311 Perrier photos reached nearly 350K people, while the San Pellagrino photos reached only 2762k, bringing Nitrogram to the conclusing that “authors of #perrier photos are more  “cool” (read: have more followers) than authors of #sanpellegrino photos.”

Nitrogram – How cool is your brand?

One thing is sure: there is a lot of data to be had on the Social Web, which could influence marketing, branding, and even business decisions for brands. As Teleportd grows, I have no doubt that this team will unravel the mysteries of what data is important from social photo services, as well as providing premium value to anyone looking to bring together social photos from the web.
Nitrogram is growing at 20% week over week, and I have a feeling this is only the beginning for Teleportd, who has spent the last couple years investing in understanding real-time social photos.