Sénat votes in favor of Pigeons – Capital Gains Tax removed


As we reported last month, this past week the Sénat voted on the PLF2013, Francois Hollande’s tax budget proposal for 2013. One article in particular, Article 6, has made global news in the past two months, after it sparked the viral Pigeon Movement, calling for the removal of Article 6. The senate, in particular the nationalist (UMP), moderate (UDI-UC) and communist (CRC) parties in a surprise alliance voted down the bill 190 votes against 154. Socialist party spokesman Bruno Le Roux has since said that the national assembly will ‘rectify the bill’ and called for socialist members of the National Assembly, who will now receive the modified PLF2013 without Article 6, to band together to push a modified form back to the senate.
The debate is surely not over; however, many had already started packing their bags, or had at least resigned to the passing of the bill. The senate members voting down the bill specifically cited the Pigeon Movement in their reasons for voting it down – Le Roux stated[fr] in a public address that those who oppose the bill want to hoard wealth for themselves.

While the debate is certainly not over, this is a big up for the startup community in France, and it was visible all over Twitter.