Rude Hangout: Olivier Rousseau talks Roaming & Telco.


Each week, Rude Baguette invites a member of the French startup community to a live video chat on Google+, where viewers can participate live with questions as well as joining in by video.
Rude Baguette is excited to welcome this week Olivier Rousseau, Co-Founder of French Connection. Join us this Wednesday at 3:30PM here to watch live our Google+ Hangout On Air!

With Olivier’s startup FrenchConnection, which is working to solve the issue of roaming charges by providing an alternative for those who travel internationally often, we will be talking about the telecom space, about Skype, and will likely touch on topics like the SFR/Free merger rumor that circulated in the past week or two.
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About Olivier Rousseau

After engineering studies, an MBA and 10 years creating or reorganising companies around Africa, Olivier came back to France in 2010. Being addicted to his smartphone and its Internet connection, he spent hours finding the best deal to keep connected in the countries he visited. This is how with his co-founder Claire, he created FrenchConnection with one goal: Creating a simple and cheap solution so that travellers visiting France can keep their mobile Internet connection. For that FrenchConnection started operating in June 2012 and rents mobile hotspots for short periods. The devices are booked online, and delivered at the client’s hotel prior to his arrival. At the end of his stay, the device is sent back using the provided prepaid envelope.
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