Web app development conference JS.Everywhere() comes to Paris


November 16th-17th, 4D presents JS.everywhere() in Paris, a conference dedicated to Web Application development. The conference promotes web technologies and web standards to the enterprise world. attracting a mixed audience of web developers, entrepreneurs, business app developers, product managers, and CTOs. The event’s first edition took place in Boston last year as part of the Wakanday event, bringing in 350 participants. This year, the US edition is taking place in the Silicon valley (400+ attendees) and the European edition is being held in Paris this weekend (250-300 participants)

Web Technologies of the future

The conference will touch on a variety of up-and-coming technologies. We’ve spoken quite a bit about Augmented Reality, as well as online games & the mobile app world. All star speaker lineup. Speakers at JS.Everywhere() include employees from Disqus (the commenting system we use), Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Paypal, Adobe & 4D.

Is there enough room for two JS events in Paris?

dotJS is certainly the largest JS conference in Paris, or so the general consensus seems to be; however, JS.Everywhere() thinks there’s room for two JS event in Paris. Organizer Alexandre Morgaut says the event focuses on “hype technologies” like Mongo, node, jawbone, and jquery, and while he’ll still be attending dotJS along with the ready of the JS community, he feels there’s room for a conference focusing on web app development.
For all you Rude JS developers, we’ve hooked you up with a sweet RUDEBAGUETTE discount for the event this week – just 99€, instead of €250.Go ahead and sign up here for this two day event now!
Also, we’ve got one special ticket to give away – I’m going to let my favorite JS developer, blogger, and Mozill-ian, David Bruant, decide who gets this ticket – you can reach him at @DavidBruant and let him know why you should go, or just comment below.