SongPop for photos, Hangpic released on iPhone


Hangpic LogoToday the app store welcomed France’s latest asyncronous social game, HangPic, which feels quite like a cross between SongPop & Numbers with Friends. I spent the last few weeks beta testing the game, and I must say it’s got all the necessary elements of the games in my “Toilet Games” folder on my iPhone (games I play while I’m on the toilet, of course). The UX is fluid – you challenge, you play, you pass, you play – and the game mechanics match other games, giving a sense of familiarity.
The game is currently available for download for free. You can challenge Facebook friends through an opt-in Facebook Connect option, or you can challenge a random player. The pictures come in a wide variety of categories – Logos, actors, sports cars, emoticons, etc. – and the quicker you answer questions, the more points you get. In order to get access to some of the categories, you will need coins, which can be earned or bought. You can also improve your odds of winning by using bombs, another tool that can be bought/earned. You can earn various achievements throughout the game, which I found to be particularly enjoyable.
The game is still in its early stages, so feel free to leave your feedback below or on the Apple Store rating wall!

Here’s Some Screenshots for your enjoyment – click to enlarge