European Angels: an evening with FR startups before LeWeb


Startup Guys I’m very excited to announce the first ever meet’n’greet between business angels/mentors and French startups. The event will take place on December 3rd, the evening before LeWeb, at La Grosse Caisse in the middle of the Paris startup district. It is an invite-only event, and we will be equally strict on angels and startups, who attend.The idea is to provide French seed startups (no funding over $500K, let’s say, but really we’re talking love-money only) with quality mentors who are willing to work hands no with them to achieve a global vision, and who may also potentially become investors when the time is right.

Angels: Mentors with Money

We’re looking for hands-on, experienced professionals who have a portfolio of startups to vouch for them, not just cash from their previous life. We’re also looking for angels who are ready to champion a startup, should they feel the connection. Paris startups have plenty of technical know-how, but often need a business-minded adviser to keep them on the right track. Angels do not necessarily need to come from the UK,

Startups: Big Vision, Tiny Budget

Ideally, startups will have little to no funding outside of love money. Because mentors will be coming from all over Europe, you’ll need to speak English at this event. Only English. Even among yourselves.
Also, startups should have a global vision, and their execution up until this point should suggest global thinking ( better not be your domain).
Lastly, while a working product isn’t a must, it is a must that you have a founding team capable of executing on your vision.

Picking up where LeBridge left off…

I was a big fan of LeBridge, but they haven’t communicated since their Caravan to London, so I guess I’ll have to pick up where they left off. While European press argue which country will be the center of the European startup scene, it’s clear that no country is close to having enough venture capital to grow on its own. I also think that many European countries lack the technical prowess of France. For investors looking to invest in tech and bring their professional experience to teams ready to grow, this evening will be the first of many occasions to meet great French startups.
I’ve already spoken with a dozen startups, and even more angels, but invites are open on both sides. There’s no maximum for attendees, so feel free to reach out!
To get invited to the event, request an invitation on the Event Page or send me an email directly at Try to include answers to the above requirements in your initial contact.