Client E-relation leader iAdvize raises €1M from Alven Capital


iAdvize announced yesterday that it has closed a round of funding of  €1 Million from Alven Capital in order to accelerate its international development. Previously funded by Xavier Niel’s Kima Ventures & business angels to the tune of €100K, iAdvize was founded by Julien Hervouet and Jonathan Gueron in 2010. The company currently helps 800+ clients on 1,500+ websites to have “click to chat” capabilities between site visitors and client relations employees.
In France iAdvize works with many eCommerce sites, like CDiscount, FNAC & Pixmania, as well as with companies like Numericable, Monster & SNCF-competitor iDTGV. iAdvize claims that the service increases the conversion rates of web site visitors to paying customers, much the same way an in-store employee might help you arrive at your decision to purchase their goods. iAdvize already had twitter accounts for the UK, Spain, and the US (as well as their main French account), suggesting that English & Spanish markets will be the first on their list for international expansion.

Nantes – A budding alternative to Paris for startups

Whie most startups can be found in Paris, there are still plenty of startups who continue to grow, like Lengow & Clevercloud, who call Nantes home. Nantes also hosts one of the most interesting non-Paris web conferences, Web2Day, which brings together international names as well as local ones.

Alven Capital also recently invested in VoitureLib, and exited their investment from JolieBox, which was sold to US competitor Birchbox.