GA European Buffet: now with 100% more Rude Baguette


General Assembly logoAs part of General Assembly’s European Buffet, a week-long event features immersive workshops with a variety of themes, GA will be hosting a free Petit Dejeuner with The Rude BaguetteThe event will be Friday November 16th, in London, from 9:00AM-10:30AM. In addition to chatting with entrepreneurs and startupers, I’ll be giving a talk on how Europe can take advantage of the Paris startup scene in a variety of ways: investing in France, acquiring French startups, hiring and doing R&D in France, and more.
For those unfamiliar with General Assembly, it is a global network with ‘campuses’ in major cities teaching courses on technology, business, and design. Currently active across the US (NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, LA, San Francisco), Canada (Toronto), Europe (London, Berlin) & even Australia (Sydney), the network brings thought leaders from around the world and within the local communities and provides them a place to share their knowledge with others. For the Francophiles, think Cup of Teach or Leearn, but with a global roster of entrepreneurs, developers et. al. who are invited to travel to different cities to share their knowledge.
You’ll notice that GA is currently only active in English-speaking locations (and Berlin..) – this allows them to take an entrepreneur/teacher in New York and bring them to, say, Sydney to teach the same course to a new set of people. Talking with London head and former TNW editor Courtney Boyd Myers, she said that GA is thinking about expanding to non-Anglophone cities like Paris – I’m hoping to convince her to continue the tradition of teaching the courses in English.

GA European Buffet – A buffet of European thought leaders

The week-long event, from November 12th – November 18th, will feature a few lean topics – user acquisition, UI, Social Product design – but it will also feature topics like “Evolution in Social Media” & “Internationalisation and Growth.” I will be attending most of the week, and invite you to pick and choose the dates (especially Friday!) that you’d like to attend. GA has some great deals for lodging, so sign up now before Eurostar tickets get too expensive!
In addition to yours truly, here’s a small list (in no particular order) of some of the speakers speaking at the event:

  • Tom Hulme from IDEO
  • Shakil Kahn from Path
  • Alexander Asseily from Jawbone/State
  • David Noel from SoundCloud
  • Devin Hunt from Lyst/
  • Christopher Lukezic from Airbnb
  • Edial Dekker from Gidsy
  • Audra Martin from The Economist
  • Jeff Lynn, Seedrs
  • Judy Thompson from The Huffington Post
  • Jamillah Knowles, The Next Web
  • Kyle Kirk Wylie, CEO of OpenGamma
  • Joe Stepniewski, Skimlinks
  • Chris Smith, FT
  • Adele Barlow, Escape the City
  • Jonathan Richards, The Guardian
  • Nico Perez, Mixcloud
  • Mike Butcher, TechCrunch
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