Emailvision raises $30 million from London's Izurium Capital


Coming on the heels of Deezer’s big fundraising announcement, Emailvision, a global leader in customer intelligence and marketing automation, announced yesterday that they raised $30 million from London-based Izurium Capital.  The investment, coupled with Emailvision’s recent acquisition of UK-based PredictiveIntent, is expected to enable Emailvision to accelerate its plan of providing highly customized marketing content for their customers an ultimately becoming, “the world’s most innovative marketing software company”.
Emailvision, which was founded in France in 1999 by Nick Heys (who continues to be their CEO), has gone through a steady evolution to establish itself as a leader in the area of marketing SaaS.  Driven by their desire to be close their customers, they’re growth strategy has truly been global as they are now present in 22 countries around the globe where they deliver 600k marketing campaigns each month and have 3,300 customers many of which are highly multinational, including such giants as Cisco, Club Med, Ikea and Mercedes-Benz.  This strategy has more than paid off as they now have reached approximately $90 million / year in revenues.  Although founded 13 years ago, they still continue to acheive impressive growth having acheived a reported 112% growth rate last year.
There’s been a swath of good news in recent months for Emailvision as they also have received numerous accolades from the tech and marketing communities including (but not limited to of course) having been awarded an 2012 Innovation award for Campaign & Marketing Operations Management from the Direct Marketing Association, included for the 3rd year on Software Magazine’s Software 500 and their Top 10 growth chart, and included on Inc. magazine’s Inc 5000.