Ifeelgoods partners with leading e-gifters InComm

Ifeelgoods partners with leading e-gifters InComm

Ifeelgoods, a leading digital promotions platform and specialist in Facebook credits, has announced that they are entering into an exclusive partnership with InComm, a global leader in e-gifts and prepaid products.  As Ifeelgoods aim is to enable marketers to engage with and convert audiences through fulfilment of gift rewards via Facebook (ie Facebook credits), iTunes, Amazon and other social networks or vendors, partnering with the leading gift card provider looks like a very smart deal for them.  With over 100 prominent clients, including such giants as Coca-Cola, Walmart, 1-800-flowers, Renault, and Otto Group, Ifeelgoods is already leading the way in this area of online, offline, or mobile gift rewards.  This deal will help them consolidate their leadership position in this space.

More specifically, the partnership will allow Ifeelgoods to leveage InComm’s recently launched Retail Transaction Gateway, enabling real-time fulfilment and activation of gift rewards they deliver consumers.  This is a real benefit to Ifeelggods as it will effectively allow consumers to access digital gift rewards, removing the need for them to obtain a physical card and, ultimately, streamlining the ‘gifting process’ for both Ifeelgoods’ clients and consumers.  According to CEO and co-founder Michael Amar, this deal gets them much closer to realizing their ultimate vision of “offering the most relevant digital goods for each customer and circumstance.”  Although InComm is already a leading e-gifting and promotions leader serving more than 500 brands, this deal is also a win for them as they now will be able to integrate their offer on Ifeelgoods’ Digital Goods Incentive Platform, giving them direct access to an increased number of vendors and consumers.

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