Lengow awarded 'International' prize at E-Commerce Paris 2012

Lengow awarded 'International' prize at E-Commerce Paris 2012

Last week Paris welcomed one of the biggest and most successful e-commerce tradeshows / conferences, E-Commerce Paris 2012.  In addition to holding 350 workshops and training sessions, hosting 500 exhibitors, and welcoming over 30k visitors, the organizers of this mega event also make time to honor those firms in e-commerce deemed to be leaders and innovators across various areas of e-commerce.  There are 7 prizes awarded across various categories, including technologies, innovations, digital marketing, client relations, m-commerce, new services, logistics, and international, as well as one overall prize.   One of the award winners who we’ve discussed previously on Rude Baguette was Shopmium, who’s iPhone and Android app enables shoppers to access private promotions for various brands.  They won the prize in the category of ‘Innovations’.

Another winner was Lengow, who were awarded the ‘International’ prize.  Lengow, based in Nantes and founded in 2009 by  Jérémie Peiro and Mickael Froger, offers various  SaaS solutions to help e-commerce vendors better distribute and manage their product catalogs across various channels, including comparison search engines, marketplaces, affiliate platforms, and social networks.  In addition, they also offer various tools to help e-vendors streamline the commercialization process, including plugins to seamlessly export product catalogs and a newly launched tool to gain better visibility of competitive pricing.  Expanding internationally was a key part of their growth strategy and, which given their recent award has been recognized as a smart and highly successful move for them.  Their first international move was, interestingly, to set up an office in Canada last year in an effort to develop their North American business.  This is already paying off greatly for them as they’ve signed several solid North American clients, including The North Face, Oregon Scientific, Quicksilver and Levi’s.  However, has proven to be an even bigger expansion year for them as they decided to establish their European headquarters in Paris and expand the team there by 15 in order to focus on growing their business in the UK, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, and Brazil.  If their success thus far in North America is anything to judge by, Lengow has a good shot at replicating this success across Europe.

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