Orange & promote Les Entrepreneuses


Female Entrepreneurs in Paris, the French internet portal for women’s content, has teamed up with French giant Orange to support female tech entrepreneurs.. Inviting women to submit their proposals, said that selected Entrepreneuses will receive €10,000 worth of coaching for the development of their project. The submission form for the contest asks for a cover letter, specifically describing the project and the origins of the idea, why you are attached to it, and how far along you have developed the project. The only restrictions to the application are that the idea incorporates the digital economy in some fashion.

Female-run Startups: If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

The topic of female entrepreneurs is always a heated topic – I know a few female entrepreneurs, including our very own Trista Bridges, who would rather be seen as an entrepreneur than a female entrepreneur – I must say that, for the French startup scene, it’s never really seemed to be a problem in getting women involved in tech entrepreneurship. In startup accelerator Dojoboost, most of the first season’s startups had female co-founders. Startup accelerator LeCamping recently accepted Home’n’Go, co-founded by LeMashUp creator Margaux Pelen. Social payment startup Leetchi was co-founded by Celine Lazorthes, & don’t forget Restopolitan co-founder Stephanie Peleprat. Paris alone has two female-oriented digital groups: Girls in Tech(GIT) Paris & Girlz In Web. I’m positive there are other startups and groups I’m forgetting, but clearly there’s no lack of women in the tech scene.

If there was a prize for Californian-born Paris-based entrepreneurs under 25 who like to longboard, I wouldn’t turn it down!

I think that, if Orange and Aufeminin want to support female entrepreneurship, then I say “go for it,” and any female co-founder who could benefit from the contest’s rewards would be foolish not to spend the five minutes it takes to apply. If you want to succeed, you need to take advantage of every advantage you have over the rest – do you think I rely on my professional-quality journalism to get me where I want to go? No! I wave the Californian flag wherever I go, because I know that it opens up doors, and in California, it’s so hot that you can never have too many doors open. It’s closing doors that will suffocate you.
If you’re a female-founded startup, and I didn’t just mention your startup above, then comment below and pitch me!