LeCamping launches a sister site in Toulouse along with TIC Valley


LeCamping, the startup accelerator funded in part by public money and in part by private sponsors, announced[FR] last week that they will be hosting a new accelerator program in Toulouse, with space provided by TIC Valley. The program will mirror that of LeCamping’s current program in Paris – six months incubation on-site, mentor sessions, introduction to clients & more. This seems to be the first step in LeCamping creating a network of accelerators all across France, much like the American Tech Stars accelerator has done, and much like its parent group Silicon Sentier has done, with various co-working space and innovation centers across France.
LeCamping has had some great traction, as they announced earlier this month at their kickoff event for their third season. LeCamping hopes to leverage the two centers to provide complementary services, as opposed to duplicating the model in a different city. A connection between the two centers would help both centers expand their breadth of competences, while providing incentives to apply to each. LeCamping Toulouse does not yet have a website up for applications or more info about who their specific mentors will be, but you can keep an eye on them on twitter @LeCampingtlse or on their Facebook page.