Registration Now Open for First Ever "Hack Days Transilien"


SNCF Transilien (SNCF’s suburban train services) annnounced today the opening of registrations for their first hackathon, Hack Days, which will be held from June 8 – 10 at La Cantine.  To give you a little extra incentive to sign-up, 10k€ in prize money will be awarded (6k€ for 1st place and 4k€ for 2nd place).
SNCF Open Data Transilien
In an effort to improve their customers’ travel experiences and better meet their needs, SNCF has been working since 2011 to incorporate the principles and practices of Open Data into their operations.  Some of the things they’ve done thus far is make available online detailed information about their service and launch a mobile app contest called <<Open App>>, where 4 winners were selected from 2,067 submissions (you can read about the winners here).
They’ve now decided to continue the effort by holding their first hackathon at La Cantine.  The goal of the hackathon is to bring together developers, designers and travelers over a 48hr period in order to exchange ideas, create teams, and develop mobile apps focused on improving SNCF’s customers’ travel experience.  The hackaton’s participants will get extensive access to SNCF Transilien’s data, including real-time data, as well as exclusive access to a new, dedicated API.  The winners will be determined by a jury of 9 key personalities from France’s tech community.
The hackathon is limited to 50 participants, so make sure to sign-up now!