Geeklist opens up its developer social network to the public


Geeklist announced earlier this week that their social network for developers is finally open to the public (go ahead, sign up now!). The social network’s private beta was launched in September 2011, hoping to encourage developers to post their project accomplishments as well as others’. Now with over 40,000 developers and over 200+ companies working with them, Geeklist’s business model, which we broke down earlier this year, is looking to be coming to fruition.
The company has been fairly active in France – the company brought on Audrey Stewart as country manager of France after she returned form the Silicon Valley, where she had been working at the RocketSpace accelerator (which at the time, was home to Geeklist). Having grown beyond its California roots, the company now has a strong presence in France – the company’s ambassadors (volunteer evangelists) recently won the Transilien Hackathon, a competition which carried a €6,000 prize along with help from SNCF.
Geeklist regularly posts “celebrity cards,” as it seems more and more developers are using Geeklist as a way to share their accomplishments. Looking on the Geeklist tumblr page, cards like “I created Wikipedia” and “I helped start iPhone” are commospace. I myself created an account earlier this year – my “I got Rude all over a Baguette… I mean, I co-founded the RUde Baguette” got 11 ^5s (shorthand on twitter for “high fives”).