HumanCoders launches a Job Board. Their 1st client: Facebook.


Human Coders, the startup dedicated to creating micro developer communities which launched earlier this year, announced the opening of its programmer job board. The French-language job board currently offers job listings for JavaScript and Ruby on Rails developers only, though this is not a surprise as the co-founders have long since opens JSLive and RubyLive, their micro-community sites for programmers. In addition, the duo’s twitter handles, @JSJobsFR and @RubyJobsFR, have been announcing job offers for the two languages for awhile now.
With a price point of €200 per post, the job boards aren’t likely to attract every startup looking for tech talent, but it does seem to be attracting quality. Launching with just a few job offers to get the ball rolling, KissKissBankBank seems to be growing their Ruby on Rails team, having lost Human Coders co-founder Camille Roux just last month as he left his CTO role to pursue this project. Seeking a real “Ruby Jedi” is Dimelo, a European Social CRM software – their post[fr] lists qualifications like “master the Ruby Force you must.”

Is Facebook building R&D in France!? No. Just stealing French developers.

Last up is the Facebook job offer, searching for JS Software Engineers. The only post in English on the site, it sets the tone for the fact that the post requires relocation to Menlo Park – likely at the old Sun Microsystems buildings that Facebook purchased after Sun was bought by Oracle. To paint a picture, it’s located between a bridge and a freeway and a marsh – but hey, the benefits are great!
Speaking with co-founder Camille, he reassured me that job offers requiring relocation to California will not be the norm for the Human Coders job boards; however, it is nice to see that Facebook is fishing for talent outside of the Silicon Valley. They must be feeling that talent crisis.
Other than the Francophone aspect of the community sites and job boards, I think Human Coders have touched on a great need for language-based community sites with a ‘human touch.’ The site has plans to expand to other programming languages in the future.

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  1. David Bruant

    Although the offer is in the JavaScript section, the first things I read is:
    “Code high-volume software using primarily C++ and Java”
    “Create web or mobile applications using primarily PHP”
    Nothing in the requirement is about JavaScript or event remotely about web or app development Doesn’t smell very JavaScripty.
    “The site has plans to expand to other programming languages in the future.”
    => They are apparently already doing so 😉 (and that’s obviously a great thing)
    “it is nice to see that Facebook is fishing for talent outside of the Silicon Valley.”
    => I don’t mean to undermine the job offer, but it seems that Facebook is just doing a trial tour. A new hiring place pops up on their radar, it’s “only” 200€, they give it a shot. They don’t seem to have posted a key position. Actually, the position is ridiculously vague. “High volume C++ and Java” seems to be a standard thing if you look for French people (that’s more or less what we’re being trained for in computer science schools/universities)
    Worst case, they have lost 200€.

  2. Joseph Porter

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