Get your inspiration on with a free ticket to TEDxESCP


The TEDxESCP 2012 conference is coming up on February 25th 2012 at the Paris Campus of ESCP Europe. Organized by students of ESCP Europe, the event aims to tap into the vast pool of knowledge and passion within the realm of the Grandes Écoles in Paris. Curious students and professionals from Paris will gather here and explore the theme: Make the Difference! The conference will be held in French and English on the Paris Campus of ESCP Europe.

Remember the Rules?

While a little over 50 tickets are still available for 50 euros on the TEDxESCP site, we know that you’d much rather show us how rude you are and win a free ticket ( or two? shh!). So here are the rules:

  1. If you prefer twitter, follow and mention the @RudeBaguette, the hashtag #TEDxESCP and this article and let us know why you deserve to go to TEDxESCP!
  2. If you prefer facebook, like our facebook page and comment/share this article, or just post directly on our wall – again, let us know why you are worthy of a TEDx ticket.
  3. If you’re too RUDE for social networks, drop us a comment below and subscribe to our blog (top right of the page) – same drill: why are you worthy?

We’ll be announcing the winners in the days before the event, but we’ll be giving preference to RudeReaders who submit BEFORE all the TEDxESCP tickets sell out.