HumanCoders launches as a 100% Human Developer Community


Today Camille Roux and Matthieu Segret launched their company, HumanCoders, along with a facebook page and twitter account. The goal of Human Coders, to bring the “human side” back to the development.The duo are known heavily in the Ruby On Rails development community with their news site RubyLive & as the organizers of a Ruby Meetup in Montpellier – the two are looking to scale this idea up to full gear. The two have long since provided training courses on RubyLive, and have built a relatively enormous niche community – they are the top french-language ruby site. Camille commented:

“We noticed while building our Ruby community site that there were a lot of issues with niche communities, whether it be out-of-date material or just the fact that the site didn’t have a human feel to it.”

HumanCoders will look to create intentionally small-feeling community sites – your own little bubble for each developer community. They plan to launch a job board in the coming weeks and allow other trainers to provide content to the website, and will also launch similar websites for other communities such as JavaScript, python, and iOS. Matthieu has been a freelance Ruby on Rails trainer and programmer for several years, and will be bringing his training into the site. Camille previously worked as CTO at KissKissBankBank, a KickStarter-like crowdfunding company, and has been replaced by Xavier Perez, the former lead developer. Camille said he left the company on great terms, and that he sees a great future for them with their new CTO.