Rapportive acquired by LinkedIn – Score one for Kima Ventures!


Rapportive, a gmail add-on which adds additional information in a side-bar format, was acquired today by LinkedIn. While AllThingsDigital lists Dave McClure and Shervin Pishevar as some of its business angel investors, they left off Xavier Niel’s Kima Ventures, which also played a not-so-insignificant role. According to Jeremy Berrebi, Kima Ventures was made the “biggest angel” investment into Rapportive. This is great news for Kima Ventures, who’s investment strategy has resembled more dropping a grenade into a barrel of fish than anything else.
Hopefully we will be seeing more success stories for Kima Ventures in the months to come.

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  1. Zsalloum

    I have installed it. It looks similar to Xobni for Outlook but the latter is more sophisticated (no wonder since it is fat client). Anyway I believe that salesmen and marketer will be the ones who will get real profit from it, and not people who know all the people who are on their contact list.

  2. tracyloisel

    Do you have the amount ?

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