Dassault Systèmes acquires Netvibes: "She's in a better place now"


Update: according to GigaOm, Netvibes has been sold for $26 Million.
This morning Dassault Systèmes announced the acquisition of age-old tech company Netvibes for an undisclosed amount. Dassault stated that the Netvibes acquisition will help enhance their 3D experience platform, which will now be able to aggregate enterprise data, use social intellgience to update in realtime, and all the other fancy Netvies capabilities.

It was time to put her down

While it is always good to see French tech companies acquiring, and to see French companies get acquired, this acquisition seems much more like putting a wounded animal down. While Netvibes boasts many Fortune 500 brands as customers, its flair and reputation as an innovative French company have long since been forgotten. Founder Tariq Krim has long since left the company to do a round two on his hope to conquer the social web with Jolicloud, and the undisclosed amount in the purchase probably suggests a significantly lower ROI than investors, who put it $16 Million over the course of the past eight years, would have hoped for.
You can catch the TC Europe article, which also contains the press release here.

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  1. Mathieu

    “Netvibes has been sold for about 20 million euros or roughly $26 million according to folks familiar with the transaction.” -GigaOm http://gigaom.com/2012/02/08/netvibes-acquired-by-dassault-systemes/

  2. Bobbie Johnson

    Apparently being seven years old is now enough to qualify as an “age-old tech company”. Really?

    • Liam Boogar

      A) Yes. In 2005, we had the ThinkPad, no Twitter, Facebook just for colleges on the East Coast, etc. – tech life cycles are quick: the quicker it becomes to start a tech startup, the more quickly it becomes out-dated, or ‘old’
      B) They were, at a time, considered to be innovative. Today, the day of their acquisition, they’re more of a novel memory, in my opinion.

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