Kwaga announces HistoRecall: recall ALL your email contacts!


Following their most recent announcement of a new round of funding, covered here by Techcrunch, Kwaga announced today their most recent addition to the WriteThat.Name – HistoRecall. We talked a bit about WriteThat.Name in an interview with founder and CEO Philippe Laval back in December: in short, WriteThat.Name automatically updates your contact book whenever a new contact emails you. The service sends you a notification letting you know which info (phone number, name, address, email address, twitter handle, facebook page, social security number, dogs maiden name, etc.) it picked up out of the email, gives you the option to add/edit information, and then you never see it again. Afterwards, you will always have your email contacts in your address book when you need to email someone. It can handle multiple email accounts, centralising them all to a primary email’s address book, and they work via email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird and Sparrow, as well. The product is so good that you would forget you have it if it weren’t for the occasional notification emails – in fact, that’s been one of their problems thus far. Today might be the day that changes.
For most people who’ve had email for the last fifteen years, it can be difficult to dig through and find an old friend/colleague who you emailed seven years ago – with HistoRecall, that’s all going to change. HistoRecall will search through your old emails in the same way it searches through your new emails, returning you all your old contacts you never had time to put into your address book.

“Since the launch of, our users have asked us to also scan their ‘historical’ emails. This is now a possibility with the HistoRecall feature, and I am receiving fantastic reviews already. I am certain this will provide a great service to heavy users of emails and professionals alike, for whom an up-to-date address book is necessary,” says Philippe Laval, CEO of Kwaga. He adds, “We are actively working on how else to optimize email, the tool at the center of daily activity for millions of users worldwide.”

Costing just $20, the service reads emails up to one year old for now, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that number extend once users get a taste for having an address book that’s up to date with past, present and future contacts.
For those that haven’t used the service yet, you can try WriteThat.Name for free for as long as you want to get a taste of what it’s like to have your current contacts automatically accessible after the first email exchange. Once you get a taste for that, i’m sure you’ll be coming back to get your old contacts added in, too.