DrinkOnMe launches a mobile app – the next round is on me!


DrinkOnMe, Groupon for when you want to get your DrinkOn, is holding a pseudo-launching event in announcement of the launch of their mobile app. As listed on our Rude Calendar, which contains all the best startup events in Paris/France, the apero will be held at Le Paloma and will start between 7 and 8. For those who didn’t catch our last article on them, DrinkOnMe allows users to buy a coupon for twenty euros at participating Paris bars for just twelve euros – it’s like Happy Hour. All. The. Time.
So far, the site boasts twenty one different bars which accept DrinkOnMe coupons, which may not sound like much, but they are up from fourteen last month and ten the month before that. While the service is up and functional right now, and is a great way to pick a bar to buy your friend a drink, the site’s mobile application launch marks a whole new ball game for DrinkOnMe.
The DrinkOnMe mobile app has a ton of new features that founder Cyril says really attests to the vision he and co-founder Antoine had for the service. Users will now be able to find the nearest bar which accepts DrinkOnMe from their smartphone, as well as being able to purchase and redeem coupons directly from the phone. Find yourself a DrinkOnMe coupon accepting bar? Let your friends know the next round is on you, buy a coupon on your phone, and show the receipt to the bartender when he hands you the bill – that’s what I call paperless billing.
While DrinkOnMe is still growing in terms of bars on board, it seems they’ve found a Groupon alternative that bars just can’t refuse. While your favorite bar may not be set up with DrinkOnMe coupons yet, you can suggest they sign up here.