ZenDay’s to-do list featured on the AppStore for the kick-off of MacWorld 2014

Mar 28, 2014
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In San Francisco this week, Annecy-based startup ZenDay is launching the iOS version of their time management app at the ultimate Apple fan event, Macworld.

Launched last year by Richard Phan, Philippe Lebeau, and Bruno Dal Palu, ZenDay strives to shake-up the ‘time management app & solutions’ space to bring ‘more serenity’ back to people’s lives by taking an individual-focused rather than functionality and tasks-focused approach. One of the aspects about ZenDay that particularly sets it apart from other time management apps is that it helps users learn about and, ultimately, improve how they manage their time. In others words, the app effectively acts as the users’ personal time coach as they can use the debriefing functionality to see and rate how they did the previous week in terms of managing their time and track their improvement over time. ZenDay also displays information for the user in a distinctive way via a unique 3D timeline.

ZenDay has already had a pretty successful run on Android, having been featured by Google in 50 countries, 30k monthly users and been named by Google India “Best App of 2013 for Everyday Life”. After their big iOS announcement this week, the next step on their development plan is the launch of their cloud infrastructure.