With 20.000 Social Headhunters already on board, MyJobCompany launches in the UK

Jun 4, 2013
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MyJobCompany   You are the value

Social recruitment solution MyJobCompany announced this week that they are launching in the UK. The service, which builds upon the traditional recruitment tools by adding “social headhunters” – individuals who push job listings to their network and earn money if the post is filled because of them – already counts 20,000+ social headhunters, and has already had 300 customers since its launch in January 2012. Companies using the solution to recruit can pick a sliding scale of how much they will offer to ‘social headhunters’ as a reward for successful recruitment.

MyJobCompany successfully launched in LatAm out of Chile earlier this year, bringing on board 5,000 social headhunters in the first 3 days. Backed by 650K€ in seed capital, the company already has its very own German clone, JobCrowd.de, and finds itself going head-to-head with US seed startup RolePoint or the Swedish Jobylon.

What do you think of MyJobCompany? Would you pay social headhunters?