Why we be RUDE?

Oct 17, 2011
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A lot of blogs talk about France, a lot of blogs talk about tech, and a lot of blogs talk about startups. And here is what we think about that… Good.For.Them.

And then there’s us.

Fleeing the land of Milk and Honey, we settled down in Europe with one goal: to stir things up a bit. Packed full of all those supposed connections we made in college and high school and membership access to the SVDBC (you’d know what it was if you were from the Silicon Valley…), we’re here to talk about the coolest startup kids in town.

Oh, it gets better.

Did we mention that we think the France has a better startup scene than California? Well, we do. And it does. And we’re here to tell the world about all the best new tech-startup-entrepreneur stuff that France has to offer. In English. So, apologies to the Académie française for raining on its parade.