The best of the CES 2019

The best of the CES 2019
The 2019 edition of the Las Vegas CES ended on January 11th. Among thousands of announcements and presentations, some products and innovations struck home. Introductions!
During the 4 days between January 8th and 11th, the high tech world only had eyes for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Here are the best bits of eye-striking innovation.

Screen: folding TV and an elephant-sized screen

The first one is a confirmation: LG will start selling its roll-up screen by June 2019. With a click on a button, it disappears like a blind. An impressive futuristic TV at a chilling cost. According to some informed (and talkative) sources, its price could be above 8,000€.
On the side of screens, the tsunami of 8K TV with gigantic dimensions did take place. But computer screens had their day too. Philips struck first with a 32″ IPS 4K screen – which is huge. They also introduced Brillance, a curved computer screen with a diagonal width of 49 inches! A monster.

Laptop: an extremely fine one and a power monster

Concerning laptops, we noticed the Alienware Area-51m by Dell which has outstanding processing power for a laptop. It also boasts an aggressive and futuristic design. Inside, it is equipped with a « full size » Intel Core i9-9900K which usually powers desktop computers. This makes the Alienware the most powerful laptop in the world, so says Dell. And why not?

A self-charging watch and a VR helmet that follows your gaze

Concerning connected hardware, mention must be made of the Matrix PowerWatch 2 watch. It runs on thermal and solar energy and recharges autonomously. Its carbon footprint is also limited.
Last nugget: the Vive Pro Eye, a virtual reality helmet by HTC which implements gaze tracking. It’s very new for a consumer model. The immersive experience will surely be enhanced. Well done!