Orange develops a blockchain voting solution

Orange develops a blockchain voting solution
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Among all the announcements made during the Hello Show in December 2018, one will please blockchain experts. Orange CEO introduced a voting system based on Ethereum. It is already up and running.
Wednesday, December 12th, Orange was hosting its traditional Hello Show to unveil the groups’ latest innovations. There were few striking news. Yet, Orange announced its electronic voting system, based on Ethereum, was available.

« Promotive participative democracy »

Stephane Richard, CEO of the group, presented Le Vote. It’s a blockchain solution for companies and public entities. It is designed to organize « ultra-secure polls » and get employee or citizen opinion.
« The project Le Vote came to be following an observation. Nowadays, very few citizens manage to express themselves with votes about local issues. Le Vote means to engage citizens in daily issues and promote participative democracy » as stated on Orange website.

« Online votes with a decentralized process »

Le Vote uses a dedicated mobile app. Following download, the user must validate his identity then check if his eligible to vote. He then places his vote which is readily recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.
The service benefits from the forgery-proof feature of the blockchain. It guaranties the procedural fairness of the vote. « Le Vote relies on the blockchain. This technology enables our clients to create online polls with a decentralized process et totally anonymous » says Orange.
Le Vote has been online for a few months. Stephane Richard explains several of Orange’s larger clients are using it already. The aim of the company seems to be the development of the tool and to encourage new partners to adopt it.