The French Tech ready to march on the CES

The CES in Las Vegas will be the opportunity to show the innovating excellence in French region « Ile-de-France » (the region where Paris is). This year, emphasis will be put on Artificial Intelligence (AI) breakthroughs. 35 startups will display the « Ile-de-France » flag, next to bigger groups.
Once again, France will be well represented at the 2019 edition of Las Vegas CES. It is the main global exhibition of digital innovation. Hundreds of French startups are expected. The more powerful ones will come alone. But most will come as groups promoting the « made in France » label, such as Business France or the French Tech.

The region « Ile-de-France » sends 35 startups at the CES

The attractivity agency Paris Region Entreprises, representing the tech pool in Ile-de-France, has decided to mix the last two solutions. They offer a regional pavilion. It brings forward the specificities of the most dynamic tech territory. Yet, it will have support from three major international groups.
L’Ile-de-France groups will take 35 startups this year. It’s a way to identify in a clearer way the strengths of the selected startups. Most deal with AI. It also points to the excellence of the region in that key domain of innovation. AI was « the » star of the 2018 edition of the CES and is bound to be the hot topic again this year.

L’Ile-de-France, « one of the largest innovation hub worldwide »

This Paris Region Entreprises pavilion will spread across 200 square meters. It aims to « be a team player with other innovation actors in the region and show that half the country’s startups, 40% of research and 50% of students are in this region. It’s one of the largest innovation hubs worldwide » as Alexandra Dublanche puts it. She is the vice-president in charge of the economic development in Ile-de-France.
The pavilion will host three large French Groups, with international influence, which in turn will sponsor 2 to 4 startups.

Total and Air France present their digital migration in their activities.

Total will go to Las Vegas with four young French Tech stars: Uavia (robotics and drones), DC Brain (network and logistics), Esoftthings (smart energy) and (industry 4.0). « The CES sets the pace for new tendencies. It’s a source of inspiration to lead our own digital transformation and to meet startups » says Gilles Cochevelou, Digital Operations at Total.
Air France-KLM will put forward at the CES its use of AI to enhance boarding operations, client support, luggage handling or predictive maintenance.
The aviation group will come with two startups and partners in innovation: Victor et Charles (enriching client profile with public data) and Linkfluence (analysis of brand and reputation on social networks).
« Since we will never be able to beat low-cost companies at their own game, the CES helps state our branding and sets us apart with our client services, thanks to innovation » explains Nicolas Forgues, technical director at Air France-KLM.

Strategic rendez-vous for Dassault Systems

The third entity, partner with Paris Region Entreprises, is Dassault Systems. They’re a key player in the digital revolution. Three startups make the journey alongside Dassault. They’re from Dassault’s acceleration program 3DEXPERIENCE Lab which concentrates on urban applications of digital solutions. They are Gyrolift (mobility), Exactcure (health) and Zero2Infinity (connectivity).
The CES is a key date for the company’s global strategy. « For us, the CES is a business fair. We meet global clients such as Samsung, LG, Sony, as well as our ecosystem in mobility and smart city. We work on it for months. It’s a significant accelerator for our business » explains Frederic Vacher, director of innovation at Dassault.
France will be, for the third year, at the heart of the CES and will proudly present the French Tech label and its applications. Let’s meet again in January to discover the latest news of the 2019 edition.