Where do you buy Bitcoin in France? Same place you buy your cigarettes!

Where do you buy Bitcoin in France? Same place you buy your cigarettes!
Beginning in January 2019, it will be possible to buy crypto-currency tickets in French tobacco shops. These tickets will then be converted using an electronic wallet. A way to offer a new product to a community that gambles as much a lottery addicts.
A pack of cigarettes, a lottery ticket, today’s newspaper, and some Bitcoin! It sounds almost as silly as going to the butchers for a loan. But it will soon be possible to buy crypto-currencies at the local tobacco store.

A partnership between the tobacco stores and French Fintech Keplerk

A new French company, Keplerk, got this brilliant idea. It managed to convince tobacco store owners to add a string to their bow – yet another one. Starting next January, tobacco stores will sell crypto-coupons. Those coupons will then be transferred into crypto-currency thanks to a wallet provided by Keplerk. The company will get a 7% commission. It’s easy to guess who will be the winner in this operation.
Because investing in crypto-currencies nowadays requires as much faith as buying lottery tickets every week. It is difficult, almost impossible, to tell how Bitcoin will develop in years to come. Some predict a sharp climb while others foresee a bottomless fall. Reconsideration of global finance or bust.

The Banque Centrale reminds it’s « purely speculative assets, not an actual currency »

One year ago, one Bitcoin was worth $20,000. Today, it is below $4,500. The Banque Centrale is aware of these shortcomings and warns users against Keplerk’s initiative.
« These are purely speculative assets and not a currency. Those investing in Bitcoin or similar assets do so at their own risk. » The Banque added that they weren’t supervising in any way the « Bitcoin + smokes » initiative.
Yet again, are Bitcoin investments any different from buying a lottery ticket every week?