MacOS Mojave: what does Apple have in store for you?

MacOS Mojave: what does Apple have in store for you?
The new operating system for Macs is now available. MacOS Mojave presents no breaking novelty but it keeps upgrading all that makes Apple’s strength: the comfort of use, security, compatibility with the ecosystem.
Following the much-awaited iOS 12, here is MacOS Mojave. A desert name for an OS without any surprise but with many optimizations.

Dark mode, screen capture, stacked up files

Concerning the visual comfort, Apple offers a new display mode, the Dark Mode. It is meant to limit glare while still being high in contrast and color. It is quite relaxing for the eyes and far more elegant. Thumbs up for this one.
Apple has also enhanced the screenshot utility and now offer to stack up similar files on the desktop. A clever way to clean up that desktop without going for temporary folders (yep, you know who you are out there). The Quick Look feature has also been updated and enhanced.

An iPhone linked to your Mac and upcoming apps iOS and MacOS compatible

Regarding the compatibility with the rest of the Mac ecosystem, the main new feature is being able to use the iPhone’s camera as a remote camera for the Mac. On simple request, the pictures taken by the iPhone are immediately available on the computer.
Another innovation, which will bring back the old MacOS/iOS fusion fantasy. Tim Cook has clearly turned his back on the possibility. However, Mojave will soon host a module that will open on a Mac the iOS apps developed by Apple, simply by pointing the mouse to it. Is that a step closer to a larger compatibility between the two? Maybe.

A – yet again – enhanced private data protection

Mojave offers an upgrade to the automatic anti-tracking functionalities on Mac. First by blocking the transfer of information collected via the « share to social media » buttons. Then by creating a neutral profile for all Macs. Then, if a tracker seeks to create your digital profile even as you have blocked all cookies, the only information it will get is « this computer is a Mac »!
There is a good sign the feature is effective: it is already criticized by Facebook executives…